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World-class service and support guaranteed.

Consultancy On Ship’s Electrical & Electronic Systems
Solutions For Ship’s Electrical & Automation Systems
Solutions For Ship’s Audiovisual & Navcomm Systems
Harmonics Pollution Investigation & Solving
Yacht Surveys
Assistance and repair center in Fort Lauderdal for any kind of repair or refit job on vessels

We offer an exemplary support package so you enjoy total peace of mind which lasts well beyond purchase and installation.
Our international service agreements are selected to suit the needs of owners, crew and shipyards.
Engineering support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Our services include delivery of spare parts and engineer attendance anywhere in the world.

Zeus Power utility

Shore power adapter

Shore power adapter

Worldwide dock pedestals provide different voltage values and frequencies. Zeus shore power converter has a universal shore input capable of accepting all  and convert them to the right value for the ship. Same application for: Shore power converter Shore power cord...

Voltage regulator or regulation

Voltage regulator or regulation

Dock voltage is often unstable and fluctuating creating problems to ship’s electrical and electronic equipment. Zeus converter performs a voltage regulation providing the boat with a stable proper voltage value.

Frequency Adapter

Frequency Adapter

Electric supply network frequencies are different among world countries. In order to provide the ship with the right one a frequency converter is needed. Same application for: Frequency Adjusting Frequency changing Frequency regulating Frequency conversion Frequency...

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